Fortnite at EGLX


Join the EGLX Battle Royale! The AMD Free Play area will have an entire area dedicated just to Fortnite!

Throughout EGLX weekend (Oct. 26-28), enjoy 2 types of Fortnite events:

  • Continuous Fortnite Free Play Rounds

All day, every day. Open to everyone; just stop by the Free Play area!

  • Fortnite Drop-in Tournament 

Each day, with limited spots, & AWESOME PRIZES!

Signups will be on-site only. Format can change at anytime.


Guests are invited to stop by the registration desk to request a spot in the free play area or to sign up for a same day drop in tournament.

Steps for registering:

  • Stop by the Fortnite Free Play area in Hall D during show hours.
  • Sign up by placing your name on the list as a Fortnite drop-in tournament participant.
  • Tournaments will run on a predetermined schedule. Make sure you check-in on-time for your tournament. Unclaimed spots will be released to the next attendee in line.

This is not a separately ticketed event. Any EGLX attendee can drop in and play during show hours.

All ages welcome! Children 13yrs and younger will need a parental waiver signed in order to play.


How to play. How to Win.

  • The tournament will be a single elimination tournament format.
  • You will play online: This is a public style match with a point base system.
  • Timed Free-For-All: You will have a designated amount of time to play as many rounds of Fortnite as possible. If you get knocked out before the time is up, hop into another round.
  • Earn points for accomplishments: Report all your scores to the on-site tournament organizers. They will keep track of how you and other competitors are doing.
  • Highest Score Win: At the end of the designated tournament time, the points of all tournament participants will be tallied. The participant(s) with the highest score wins the round and the prize.


Fortnite free play and tournaments will run on AMD PCs.

You may bring your own controller to connect to the PC. EGLX will not assume any responsibility over your controller and cannot guarantee functionality.


When there is no tournament active, guests will be able to play casual online matches on the provided computers. Guests will be given a last call 10 minutes before tournaments are slated to begin, and then will be invited to sign up. Once players or teams are eliminated from the tournament, that station will turn into a free play setup.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X @ 3.6GHz
Motherboard: Asus Strix X370-F Gaming Motherboard, Socket AM4
Video: Asus AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB Strix OC 
Monitor: 32” QHD Curved Gaming Monitor with 144 Hz Refresh Rate and FreeSync support

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