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What is EGLX?

EGLX is a premiere Canadian esports and video game brand that brings together gamers, creators, and developers for a 3 day event of non-stop gaming excitement.

EGLX flourished from humble beginnings as casual gatherings in local bars to Canada’s largest video game expo, uniting 30,000 gamers in 2019. As premiere esports destination, a hub for fan-favourite content creators, a space for incredible unreleased games, and a video game marketplace, EGLX truly has it all.

Why is EGLX held digitally this year?

As the city of Toronto continues to reopen we’ve been carefully monitoring how this will affect the 2020 EGLX show. Even after many months of social distancing and positive news, the Province of Ontario has made it clear that large indoor events will be postponed for the foreseeable future.

While we can’t move forward with EGLX 2020 in a physical way this year, we found a new and exciting way to continue connecting our EGLX community.

Will EGLX be returning to live in-person shows?

We remain committed to providing a safe and positive EGLX experience, and therefore we’ve made the hard decision to host EGLX digitally this year until we can safely see you all in person again. 

When and where will EGLX be held digitally this year?

EGLX will now take place on November 10th-13th, 2020, and will be held here, on the EGLX website, and live-streamed via TwitchA full schedule will be posted on the website before the event.

How can I stay updated on all things EGLX?

We’ll announce more over the months leading up to the big show, so keep up with the latest through our mailing list or following our official social media accounts @eglxofficial.

When will tickets go on sale?

EGLX Digital will be cost free for all attendees!

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