Yifat Shaik

Game Designer, The Really Serious Game Company

TALK: Making Experimental Games

The talk is about making games a zines- or in other words, making small and imperfect games.

The talk is based on a series of games I am working on (called The Medium is the Message) which are small quick games that are made using programs (or apps) that are not game engines (so the first two were made in Excel and Instagram stories). The talk will focused on zine making and how it relates to video games, as well as about art-games and trash-games and the importance of designing experimental games


Yifat is a game designer and artist working on creating autobiographical games and subversive art. A Master of Design graduate of OCAD University, she is currently a professor of game design and 3D modeling at York University. Yifat organized of Different Games in Toronto, is co-director of Dame Making Games and is currently working on The Mattress of St. Dundas, a game about gentrification in Toronto and The Medium is the Message, a series of small games which are done in nontraditional game engines