Tom Frencel

CEO, Little Guy Games

TALK: The Last Sky

The trials and tribulations of the Last Sky, from the beginnings of the game (circa 2013) all the way to 2018. The game has taken a lot of twists and turns around its path to release. Lots of mistakes were made and lessons learned. In the end we managed to produce a very short game that we hope will find its audience. We are gearing up for the release of the game in Q4 2018.

This talk will be an intimate dive into the trials and tribulations of the development of The Last Sky and the reemergence from the swamplands of the soul to complete what seemed, at times, as an impossible project to finish!


At Little Guy Games, Tom has been responsible for the company’s strategic focus and creative vision. Tom has been closely involved in the design and production of The Last Sky, Wings of Icaria, and many other titles that LGG produced throughout several years. Tom has a longstanding history of building talented teams, and over a decade of experience crafting interactive products.