Ryan Blanchard & Carly Shields

Evolve PR

TALK: How to be Human in a World of Corporate Promo Robots: PR & Social Media Guide

Speaker: Ryan Blanchard, Carly Shields, Evolve PR

PR doesn’t have to be a dirty word(s). Join two public relations specialists from Evolve PR as they discuss the importance of injecting a little humanity into your comms plan, from breaking away from ye olde press release, to making the most of your life on Twitterdotcom.

Whether you’ve got a game in the oven or have an interest in games PR, join Ryan and Carly on a journey of bad vampire puns and spicy pitches as they share the tips that’ll help get eyes on your game.

Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A


Both Ryan and Carly are employees at Evolve PR, a Canadian, industry-leading gaming agency that works with developers and publishers of all shapes and sizes to promote their games through any means necessary. That’s a fancy way of saying “we talk to press and content creators, weave magic on social, and create video content that occasionally features adorable puppies so you don’t have to”. Individually they’ve supported the launches of a ton of rad games, including Frostpunk, We Happy Few, Vampyr and Darwin Project, leveraging their winning (we hope) philosophy of being approachable, enthusiastic, and always finding a way to cram in just one more pun.