Stéphanie Bouchard

Game Designer, AI StockholmSyndrome.AI

TALK: Artificial Intelligence 101 for Game Designers

All gamers can name at least one specific moment when they were outsmarted by a brilliant NPC’s strategy… or troubled by the behaviour of a not so clever opponent.

Today, Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous to video games, but as glamorous as it sounds, the topic remains a bit nebulous for most Designers.

If you are looking to know a bit more about the best practices surrounding: NPC types, Scripting Tools, NPC patterns, Utility, Contextual Overrides, Narrative Conversations and Emergence, this might just be the talk for you.


Stéphanie Bouchard worked as a Game designer in AAA, indie, Academic research, R&D and Freelance. She worked on all types of games with teams ranging from ‘’we are two people in a 48h game jams’’ to ‘’there is too many people here! 3 year long AAA projects’’. After a while as a generalist, she finally chose to specialise in Artificial Intelligence.

She also cumulates 5 years of experience as a Game Design teacher.