Peter Kieltyka​

CEO, Horizon Blockchain Games

TALK: Blockchain and the Future of Gaming

“Blockchain technology has given rise to a new dimension that will change video games forever. Born from digital origins and still in its infancy, this dimension embodies qualities of both our digital and physical worlds.

This presentation demonstrates why and how blockchain will enrich the future of gaming. And while not all games will require blockchain technology, the majority of game designers should at least consider blockchain’s implications–so many of which are incredibly fun.

The talk will also give you a first look at SkyWeaver–a crypto trading card game from the future in which gamers, strategists, and collectors compete for one-of-a-kind cards that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency.”

30 Minutes + QA


Peter’s the CEO and chief architect behind Horizon Blockchain Games. Having co-founded both NuLayer and Pressly, he’s passionate about creating awesome teams and powerful products. A lifelong gamer, coder, and an open source and decentralized evangelist, Pete’s committed to building a better world. His favourite game is Quake III Arena.