Nick Eypert

Founder / Creative Director, The GameDesign TRUST

TALK: GameUX: Design and Management

All content creators/designers have an impact on the game User eXperience, so how to be in control? and how as a team can we drive the game UX development in complex modern game productions?

I will share 5 easy to grasp mindsets and design tools usable by all trends to help rationalize and organize overall game UX work as a team and become user informed content creators.

And show a simple to implement way to make it happen progressively and have your whole team work together on the game UX while maximizing creativity.


25+ years of industry experience, from 3d programmer, up to Creative Director at Ubisoft Montreal.

I specialize in games conceptions processes that align: design, players and production teams and now work as an independent to help others ideate their new games ideas with world class conception tools.