Jim Leedham

Programmer Digital Extremes

TALK: The Evolution of Warframe

In today’s landscape of free to play it’s never been more important to keep growing your game beyond its initial release with rich, meaningful content updates, but what kind of technical challenges does that introduce? How can you reconcile a cohesive code base against an ever-growing feature set? And how can you effectively stabilise your builds when there’s always work in progress? Join me as I present Digital Extremes’ tried and tested approach to continuous iteration within our flagship title, Warframe.


Since 2014, when I originally joined Digital Extremes to help launch Warframe on the Xbox One, it’s been my privilege to work to ensure our games remain up to date and running smoothly across all Xbox devices. These days I work closely with Microsoft to incorporate new and exciting features, overseeing our build packaging and deployment, controller input systems, multiplayer capabilities, user interface, achievements, and much more. I also assist in the hiring of new personnel, provide both internal and external mentoring for junior programmers, and help organise and speak at industry events across Canada.