Jeet Shroff

Gameplay Director, Santa Monica Studio

TALK: A Journey of Exploration and Discovery

Exploring a new world, mastering unfamiliar mechanics and finding the joy in discovery are what make many game experiences memorable for players. For the team behind God of War this was our experience throughout development. Accepting this as a new beginning, the team embarked on a path to reimagine the identity of this well-known and established franchise. The story of Kratos and Atreus very much mirrors that of the development team – exploring the unfamiliar, taking risks and crafting an entirely new experience. The talk will highlight examples by which the team upheld the tenets of this bold new vision and executed development across a 300+ team. By sharing development stories from our journey, we hope attendees will be inspired as game makers, to find the joy in discovering new ways to bring their game experiences to life.

45 Minutes + QA


Jeet Shroff comes from a background in AI, animation and gameplay and has worked as an engineer and director across multiple game genres for over 14 years. His industry experience includes critically acclaimed titles such as God of War at Santa Monica Studio, Just Cause 3 at Avalanche Studios NYC, Far Cry 3 at Ubisoft Montreal and several FIFA Soccer console titles at Electronic Arts. Currently, he is the Director of Gameplay at Santa Monica Studio in Los Angeles. Jeet is an active presenter at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, USA.