JC Baillie

CEO, Novaquark

TALK: Emergent Content & Gameplay in Dual Universe: How to Create a Dynamic, Editable Single-Shard World?   

We will introduce the technical challenges and the state of the art in dual contouring voxel generation in the context of a single-shard server technology used in the game “Dual Universe”, and show how this can contribute to emergent gameplay when coupled with LUA scripting and customization of players creations.  

30 Minutes + QA


Jean-Christophe Baillie started his career in Science at the Sony Computer Science Lab in Paris, and then founded Gostai in 2006, a startup in robotics & AI, which has been acquired by Softbank in 2012. After two years at Softbank Robotics Europe, where he created the AI Lab, he launched in 2014 Novaquark, developing Dual Universe: an ambitious project about virtual worlds where people will be able to recreate entire civilizations online. Jean-Christophe is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, and received a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Paris 6 University.