Guilherme Bandini

Game Producer/Designer, Loopy Lore

TALK: How To Develop A Game With Zero Budget

Spoiler: you can’t. But with some ingenuity, connections, friends, lots of luck and a pinch of money, you can make something incredible. In this talk, Guilherme Bandini (@CappuccinoGuil) will share the development tale of Loopy Lore, a co-op storytelling card game that’s been in the works since 2016. He’ll tell you the good parts and the bad ones, the exciting moments and the soul-crushing instants that nearly broke everything. Don’t worry, everything turned out alright in the end. If you want to know more, stay a while and listen. We promise lots of jokes to laugh the stress away.


Guilherme Bandini is a Game Producer and Designer who’s been working in games since 2009. With a Bachelor’s and a Post-grad degree in Design and Production, he has created all sorts of games: PC, mobile, action, puzzle, strategy, casual, tabletop. He currently works for Armor Games as a Producer and on his own tabletop project, Loopy Lore, a co-op storytelling card game about telling crazy stories on the fly with your friends.