Gabby Darienzo

Co-founder & Art Director, Laundry Bear Games

TALK: Marketing for Indie Game Devs 101

In this talk, A Mortician’s Tale creator Gabby DaRienzo will discuss simple strategies indie game developers can use to successfully market their games pre, during, and post-launch. She will provide tips for branding your game, getting it in front of a wide audience, and garnering press attention. This talk is suitable for everyone, regardless of game making experience or game/team size.


Gabby DaRienzo is the co-founder and art director of Laundry Bear Games — the Toronto-based independent games studio behind A Mortician’s Tale. Prior to making games, Gabby worked as a graphic designer with marketing teams for various games studios, and has since moved to developing games both personally and for other indies (most recently: Celeste, Parkitect, and Graceful Explosion Machine). At Laundry Bear, Gabby now takes on both roles as game developer and marketer.