Dave Proctor

CEO, Mighty Yell Studios Inc.

TALK: Failure Isn’t Failure: Embracing the things that WILL go wrong in your new studio

As creative people in charge of our own businesses, it is hard not to take it personally when things go wrong.

Saying “Fail Faster” doesn’t help overcome that challenge however, and we as founders need a good eye on our own mental health and our management tools to take these failures in stride.

This talk will help identify some common problems that new companies experience and will help ready for the inevitable little failures. Everything from cash flow tools to mindfulness exercises from a guy who has felt the need for all of them.


Dave Proctor is the Director and Founder if Mighty Yell Studios, a Toronto company who prides positive attitude and energetic development over all else. Mighty Yell was the recipient of the top prize at the 2018 EGLX oitch competition and is currently developing a game for PC and Nintendo Switch.