Daniel Steger

President, Stegersaurus Software Inc.

TALK : Building Physics Driven Monstrosities in Unity

Unity is a great engine for making Physics-based games, but tools such as the Configurable Joint, which is central to making physical rigs, can be daunting to use at first glance. We’ll be running through some of the common ways of making physics rigs for a variety of purposes, such as for creating pistons, catapults, or claw machines and sharing tricks to making your gadgets behave in predictable ways.


Daniel Steger is the owner of Stegersaurus Software Inc. and is a one-man-band of independent game development. Starting his career on the XBox Live Indie Games and later moving on to Steam, he’s made a variety of small games and apps over the years. His most recent game, Mount Your Friends 3D, is an innuendo-riddled physics-based party game where players compete to be the last person to reach the top of huge piles of musclebound men.