Anne Gibeault

CEO, Epsilon Games

TALK: My Journey into Indie Dev and business

Working in a small studio in the early 2000s, then in a gigantic one for over ten years, Anne Gibeault decided to go indie and founded her studio in 2017. We’ll explore the challenges she faced in founding Epsilon Games – and making a first game in less than a year.


Anne Gibeault started working in the video game industry 14 years ago. She has worked in both artistic and managerial roles. First as a 3D animator and lead animator, then as a production manager, associate producer and finally producer, for companies such as Digital Fiction, Ubisoft and Red Barrels. The video game titles she worked on includes Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Just Dance, Outlast and Prince of Persia.

She is now the creative lead and president of Epsilon Games, working on their IP ”Primus Vita”, a sci-fi universe developed both as a video game and comic book series.