EGLX Brings Developer Conference to Toronto in Partnership with CGX

September 13, 2018

Toronto has an amazing development community, and for years I have been privileged to be a part of it. I felt welcomed from the first time I dipped a toe into the waters, and since then I have worked to help enrich and build that community even further. This Conference is the pinnacle of that for me. This EGLX, we are not just doing a single series of developer talks, but a fully fleshed out Conference, complete with networking events, workshops, dozens of talks, and a sweet party!

So, let’s talk about what we have been cooking up!

Our Weekend is divided into two sections:

Friday is all about networking. You will be able to get one-on-one time with industry leaders in the CGX Mentor Lounge and then meet hiring managers from across Canada in the CGX Connect Cafe. In between, we hope you will explore the show floor of EGLX and see some amazing local and international games in action. Friday night is our Industry Soirée, where we will be showcasing a selection of local games you won’t find for sale, brought to us by the Hand Eye Society.

Saturday and Sunday are for talks and workshops. You will be able to choose from a wide array of talks and panels organized into three tracks, all of which are accessible through your Conference Pass:

The Founder track is ideal for those looking to start and run a studio. This track provides an opportunity to learn from studio heads on how to run a successful business – from securing funding, to hiring practices, and everything in between. Some of our key speakers in the Founder Track are Mikey Dowling, head of PR for Obsidian Entertainment, Gabby Darienzo, Co-Founder of Laundry Bear Games, and Ken Seto, CEO of Massive Damage.

The Creative Track focuses on the artistically creative side of game development, with talks from amazing artists, designers, composers, and more on the techniques and styles that have made their projects shine. Some of our key speakers in the Creative Track are Cory Barlog, Creative Director of Santa Monica Studio, Benjamin Rivers, Director of Benjamin Rivers Inc, and Osama Dorias, Senior Game Designer at Warner Brothers Games Montreal.

The Technical Track focuses on the mechanically creative aspects of game development, with talks from incredible programmers, tool creators, hardware specialists, and more. Some of our key speakers in the Technical Track are Jim Leedham, Programmer at Digital Extremes, Tanner Rogalsky, Software Developer at Big Viking Games, and Stephanie Bouchard, AI Game Designer at StockholmSyndrome.AI.

In addition, our Master-Class Workshops are available as an upgrade to your Conference Pass, getting you hands-on experience with industry leaders to develop your skills.

This event has been a ton of work, and both Jillian and I are thrilled with what has resulted already. I very much hope to see the community I love join us for this massive event! Tickets are available here!


Author – Hi, my name is Randy Orenstein, and together with Jillian Mood of CGX, I am one of the Developer Conference Coordinators for EGLX’s upcoming Developer Conference. As some folks know, I have been organizing developer events in Toronto for 8 years. I have to say this October is going to be the most exciting dev event I have ever helped organize.

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