Our Exhibitors



EGLX has partnered with ESL to create a state-of-the-art Hearthstone tavern. The exhibit will be up all weekend, as some of the best Hearthstone players in the world battle over the $10,000 USD prize pool. This unique tavern will be reminiscent of ESL’s own display at Blizzcon 2015, but represents a clear step up in production quality. This is not a company that rests on its laurels.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store will be setting up numerous Xbox One free play stations, complete with an impressive catalogue of games to choose from throughout the weekend. More details coming soon.

Game Without Pain

By Gamers, For Gamers. Game Without Pain has the solutions gamers need to deal with the mental and physical stress that come with the lifestyle. Their products and services are for those who aspire to be cyber athletes, or simply want to take their performance to the next level through proven techniques. Don’t let your body fail when you need it the most.


WorldGaming acts as a social gaming community for competitive gamers to interact with one another and with brands, targeting the gamer demographic. Launched in 2006, it is the premier destination for competitive and passionate gamers, with over 8,000,000 matched played and over $40,000,000 in cash prizes paid to gamers.  Owned and operated by Cineplex Entertainment, WorldGaming is an online service that facilitates tournaments, leagues and ladders for all platforms. More information is available at WorldGaming.com.


Gunnar’s famous glasses are designed to reduce eye strain when staring at TV screens or computer monitors for extended periods of time. Unsurprisingly, they’re the first choice of eSports athletes.


As a world leading gaming brand, MSI keeps raising the bar in design and innovation of its GAMING Series products and has been a long-term sponsor of global eSports teams. MSI has dedicated countless hours and resources to the eSports community, both to support the world’s most passionate and skillful gamers and to use their knowledge to help create future MSI products.

A&C Games
A&C Games

A & C Games started out as a convenience store. One day, the brothers Chang and Gar put up a sign that stated “we’re buying video games,” and the rest is history. Their downtown store boasts the biggest selection of new and old video games in Toronto. There’s also an open play space for both video and card games, with frequent competitive tournaments.


ESChamp is Canada’s passionate producer and broadcaster of eSports events (and an organizational partner for EGLX). They stream regularly on Twitch.tv/ESChamp. ESChamp also hosts events right here in Toronto – the next one is Kings of the North, a $3000 StarCraft 2 tournament on March 18-20. Warning: May contain awesome content. Fan discretion is advised.


G2A is a global digital gaming marketplace. As well as being a major sponsor of EGLX as a whole, G2A is also the creator of G2ALand, an Oculus Rift-powered, virtual reality visit to an amusement park. Details can be found here.

8Beads – Art for Gamers

An impressive collection of gamer-oriented artworks and collectibles. Includes designs from Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Street Fighter V and more.

triOS College

For over 22 years, triOS’ mission has been to help students become job-ready graduates. It is a diploma-granting college focused on providing the practical, hands-on training needed to succeed in any chosen field. triOS offers diplomas in Business, Technology, Healthcare, Law, and Supply Chain.

Hairy Tarantula

Your friendly neighbourhood comic book store, located at 354 Yonge St Downtown Toronto, and also at 6979 Yonge and Steeles. Specializing in graphic novels, cards, board games, roleplaying, miniatures and much much more!

Game On Entertainment Services

GOES is kind of like a DJ service, but for video games. Whether you grew up playing Pac-Man, Mario, Halo, Mortal Kombat or Just Dance, GOES has the games for any party or event, including both casual fun and competitive gaming tournaments. Their resume includes Anime North, Atomic Lollipop, Unplugged Expo and many more.


See-Scape is a creative space that aims to spark the imagination and provide a friendly atmosphere where people can have fun. Come check out the fantasy themed private booths, art gallery, satisfying café, delicious food menu, over 100 board games and your choice of 9 video game systems. See-Scape also hosts Cosplay and other special events.

Lobby Card Invasion

Lobby Card Invasion is a poster store that carries only original, studio-made posters, which were never mass-produced for collectors and were only meant to be displayed in theatres. Every poster sold on the site was personally chosen for its high quality.


Teeturtle was founded in 2012 by designer RamyB to scratch your insatiable itch for cute, funny, popculture-y shirts. TeeTurtle shirts are their pride and joy, so they only use the softest shirts on the market. The ultra-comfy shirts are designed by both in-house artists and guest creators.


Plunder.gg is the most innovative and secure platform to trade your DOTA 2 skins into legitimate money. Find some of the rarest items and strike a bargain! You can even stack your items and sell them as a bundle. It’s the safest port for all sailors who simply wish to liquidate their loot without having to add shady accounts or deal with potential scammers.

Tentacle Kitty

Since 2009, John and Raena Merritt have worked together on all things Tentacle Kitty. John’s whimsical and fantastic worlds are awkwardly merged with Raena’s storytelling, and violently smashed with their combined “outside the box” humour, to create a universe full of fun, adventure, and, most importantly, tentacles.

Battle Sports

A recreational entertainment facility which aims to bring unique sports and experiences to Toronto, inspiring a new generation of individuals who seek excitement through competitive Battle Sports: Archery Dodgeball, Dart of War and Real Archery.

Brick Works Academy

Minecraft and LEGO obsessed? Does this describe your children? Brick Works Academy is dedicated to educating children in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through hands-on play. LEGO Robotics, Minecraft Computer Camp and Pokemon Designer are just a few of their award-winning camps.

JC Games

A unique shopping experience: buy, sell and trade a wide range of video games, comics, tabletop and card games. JC also sells clothing, cleans your computer, repairs jewelery…the sky’s the limit, really.


Tired of the boring corporate grind, Mike Boyer, Steve Loney and Ron Madoch hatch a brilliant plan in 2001: to develop a company centered on selling fun costumes, toys and collectibles. The Toynk Toys team has since grown to 200+ diverse, fun-loving people.

The Toy Trove

The Toy Trove is located in downtown St. Catharines, Ontario. Owner Todd Graves came up with the idea when he realized lots of customers at his old store were requesting rare, video game-related toys and collectibles. The Toy Trove also sells board games, trading cards, models and more, and hosts weekly gaming community events.

Medieval Times

Take a trip back to medieval Europe for an evening of royal entertainment, highly-trained swordplay, horseback jousting, and more roasted chicken than even the king can eat (vegetarian options available).


Xanworx studios is a small, independently run art workshop that engages in numerous creative practices, including but not limited to sculpting, painting, jewelery-making, replicas, and prop design.

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is a premium healthcare centre offering Rehabilitation Services, Specialized Mental Health & Addictions, Complex Medical and Palliative Care, and Children and Youth Mental Health Services. HDGH has a unique, blended model of specialized inpatient and outpatient beds as well as community services.

Toronto Star Touch

The official Toronto Star app. It’s just like the newspaper, except you can interact with it, search for new and old stories, save it on your device for later – and there’s exclusive Star Touch content. Plus, it’s free.

Dope Chief

The official Toronto Star app. It’s just like the newspaper, except you can interact with it, search for new and old stories, save it on your device for later – and there’s exclusive Star Touch content. Plus, it’s free.

Deadly Grounds Coffee

Deadly Grounds blends consist of carefully selected gourmet coffee beans harvested by seasoned growers from around the world. Coffee the way it was meant to be. Fresh. Bold. Delicious. It’s coffee to die for.

Universal Space

UNIS is one of the largest Amusement Equipment manufacturers in Asia, with offices in Toronto, Hong Kong, and Dallas. Veterans of the industry with over 20 years of experience we design and manufacture redemption games, kiddy rides, prize machines, indoor/outdoor rides and arcade video games. Recently UNIS celebrated the opening of its new 130,000 sqm manufacturing facility. As of now UNIS has happy customers in over 60 countries.

Carta Magica

A Montreal store that has all your gaming needs covered – CCG, miniatures, board games, LEGO, and much more…

Malabar Ltd.

Malabar has been serving the performing arts community since 1923, selling a wide variety of costumes, dancewear and make-up throughout Canada and the United States.

Rotten Rags

Rotten Rags makes a variety of stylish, scary and sexy t-shirts. Come see their stuff at EGLX!

Level Up 2
Level Up

Level Up Showcase is the first event of its kind in Canada, showcasing the work of talented student game designers and animators from colleges and universities across Ontario. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for students to show off their creations to the world (and for us to play their games before they get famous).

OCE logo
Ontario Centres of Excellence

Ontario Centres of Excellence drives the development of Ontario’s economy by helping create new jobs, products, services, technologies and businesses. In partnership with industry, OCE co-invests to commercialize innovation originating in the province’s publicly funded colleges, universities and research hospitals.

Acorn Media

Acorn offers a rich mix of electronic media options, enabling clients to achieve their marketing and sales goals with style through social media management, content marketing, performance tracking and more.

Tyderium Toys
Tyderium Toys

Tyderium carries all kind of toys: Star Wars, Transformers, Pop Figures, Lego, Master of the Universe; both vintage and new toys. They also carry hats, socks, wallets and jewelry!

Comix Asylum

Comix Asylum in an interactive, digital, magazine that explores the world of comic books, movies, television, toys and collectibles. Published bi-monthly, Comix Asylum offers in-depth articles, and exclusive video interviews with some of the industry’s top creators.

Iceman Video Games

Rare, retro, new and used video games and systems. Competitive pricing. Very fair trade prices. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff!

Guest Studios

13 AM Games

13AM Games is an upstart gaming studio operating out of Toronto. Their nine member team came from a variety of diverse backgrounds: creative advertising, civil engineering, film, writing, graphic design, programming–all to make video games that are as much fun to design as they are to play. Their office is very loud.


Alien Trap Games started as an online open source group of developers in 2002 with the production of the freeware game Nexuiz, then released the commercial title Capsized in 2011, and most recently developed the PC game Apotheon.

Silverstring Media

Silverstring Media is a new media design firm in Vancouver, BC providing services in digital place-making and storytelling. They make games, music, and fiction; consult with clients as writers and designers to improve their projects; and support the industry by publishing top-level artistic criticism and explorations.

Uken Games

Uken Games is a game development studio based in Toronto, Canada. It focuses on cross platform social and mobile games for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Facebook. Uken’s newest project, Cloud Breakers, is set to debut at EGLX.


XMG Studio Inc. is an award-winning developer of mobile games. Founded in late 2009, the company has released 18 mobile games in various genres targeting casual game players, of which 7 games have in excess of a million installs, and several have won Best App Ever industry awards for best in class.


At PixelNAUTS, everyone works around the clock to develop fun, unique and beautiful games. They make games the way they want them and settle for nothing less than amazing! PixelNAUTS also partners with like-minded developers and only take on projects they are passionate about, creating games they can be proud of.

Phantom Compass

Phantom Compass is an award-winning independent game studio based in Toronto and St. Catharines, Ontario. Best known for creating the “Rollers of the Realm” pinball RPG for PC, PS4 and PS Vita, Phantom Compass is hard at work on its latest title “Auto Age: Standoff,” a colorful car combat game in the style of 1980s action cartoons.

Auston and Diana
Auston & Diana

Auston and Diana are a couple of creative kids building fun things that deliver the feels. They are currently making CatDate for you. It’s a game where you play as a cat and go on dates with other cats. You should totally come to our booth and play it. We’ll hang out! It’ll be a blast!

Digital Extremes logo
Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes is a Canadian game developer best known for co-creating the Unreal franchise (which sold over 12 million units worldwide), but their current big project is Warframe. A third-person, co-op focused action game, Warframe challenges 1-4 players to release their inner ninja using unimaginably powerful ancient technology.

Pop Sandbox
Pop Sandbox

Pop Sandbox is an award-winning multimedia production and publishing company with a focus on visual storytelling across platforms with an experimental bend. They’re working on LOUD on Planet X, an arcade-style indie music game that plays like a cross between Guitar Hero and Plants vs. Zombies (featuring Tegan and Sara, Purity Ring, METZ, Metric, Lights, July Talk and more).

red asteroid games
Red Asteroid Games

Red Asteroid Games Inc. was founded by Erik Walle in 2012 to pay lip service to the idea of a market economy while flagrantly pursuing independent game design objectives. With nobody concerned or insane enough to stand in his way, he and a few pals (variously compensated or not) continue to make good on this founding vision, at the rate of approximately two to three games every decade.

Gloam Collective
The Gloam Collective

Established in the turbulent year of 2016, The Gloam Collective is the combined force of Taylor Bai-Woo (Frail Shells), Droqen (Starseed Pilgrim), Kelly Kwang (Space Cadets), and Damian Sommer (The Yawhg). They plan on forming a large robot that makes games one day. Maybe some art too. Hopefully it’s something experimental that nobody will like. It doesn’t matter though, because the robot will probably settle down and find a nice beachfront home one day. Look forward my friends. The future is bright.


Fists of Fire VR

Dodge, Shoot and Block attacks in this 3D game that uses your hands to generate powerful fireballs. Fists of Fire uses the Leap Motion (hand and finger VR controller) in combination with the Oculus Rift to create a physically immersive experience.

Bluish Green Productions
Bluish-Green Productions

Attila Branyiczky turned his game-making hobby into a profession with the 2012 release of his first game, Robo’s World: The Blulite Rocks. He was a completely self-taught game designer and having used Game Maker for so long, he began writing his own tutorials and extensions for it, which he then released for free.

Salvadora Studios

Salvadora Studios was created from a group of like-minded individuals from Recording Arts Canada’s Game Design course in 2013. They strive to improve both themselves and the industry in their own ways. Their primary goal is to create unique games that both feel fun to play and reward you for using your brain.

Hard Circle
Hard Circle

Hard-Circle Inc. is an Indie video game studio located in Ontario, Canada. The team consists of game designer Bret Measor, and Programmer Thomas Martin. They are currently working on their first indie game titled, Pixel Jones and the Gateway of Souls.

Stitch Media

Stitch Media is a digital production company specializing in multi-platform content and recognized for interactive storytelling using innovative technology, program enhancements and cutting-edge game design. They also work with traditional media like television, film, music, print and advertising agencies.

OSnap! Games

OSnap! Games was founded in 2012 by a small group of game developers who were tired of the way modern studios work. They set out to create fun and compelling games, encouraging creativity and collaboration while also keeping an open line of communication with their community of fans.

Hexagon Games

Hexagon Games is a video game development studio based in Toronto. Their goal in all projects is to create games that bring a unique style, new mechanics, and innovative experiences to players.

Queen Bee Games

Founded in 2013, Queen Bee Games is an independent game studio based out of Prince Edward Island, Canada, with a focus on traditional animation and unique, memorable characters. They promise to deliver an original visual style and impeccably smooth gameplay in everything they produce.

One More Story Games

One More Story Games is a digital indie publisher of interactive story games based out of Barrie, ON. After quickly raising initial funding, their staff nearly quadrupled and their innovative publishing platform was released in under a year.

Nefarious Dimensions

Nefarious Dimensions is an Independent Game Studio located in Ontario that is currently working on Planetary Prospectors A.R.M. (Asteroid Resource Mining). The gold rush in space has begun!

Picnic Game Labs

An emerging Toronto game development studio, on a journey to make great games to share with the world. Their first release was the mobile game Grumz.

Modbox VR

A sandbox physics VR game. Generate objects out of thin air, then make them interact with each other – the rest is up to you.An Emmy Award-winning digital media agency that uses VR to create compelling stories and experiences.

Secret Location
Secret Location VR

An Emmy Award-winning digital media agency that uses VR to create compelling stories and experiences.

Technolust VR

A futuristic cyber-punk adventure with story-driven gameplay. Save the world from its oppressors, or stay at home and watch (virtual) TV. The choice is yours.

Mushroom Ball
Mushroom Ball VR

In Mushroom Ball, you are the leader of your own Mushroom Kingdom (no relation). Roll around in a Jurassic World-style ball, eat mushrooms to survive, jump across platforms and collect as many mushroom points as you can!

Stage Ten

Turn live esports streams into live esports productions with mobile, webcam and game feeds from anywhere.


Skull Fairy

Skull Fairy is a visual artist specializing in “chibi”-styled designs. Her works focus on a combination of anime and gaming characters, original designs, and personalized commissions.


Uguubear has always had a deep connection to art. She worked hard to attend the Tyler School of Art, but ended up leaving to pursue entrepreneurship. She started selling artwork at anime and gaming conventions, and has since exhibited at numerous events across Canada and the US.

Art of Chow
Art of Chow

Alex Chow is an illustrator based in Toronto with professional experience in video games, portraiture, board games, and game cards. He specializes in character illustrations and concepts, and his style combines animation and video game concepts with classical art techniques.

takeshi matsuyama
Pixelated Takkun

Takeshi Matsuyama is a published comic artist from Toronto and the author of the manga series, Okamirai. He also draws lots of Marvel and DC, as well as video game art. He specializes in traditional art and 100% of his work is created by hand.


Cinamoncune recently graduated from York/Sheridan Design, so she’s new to selling at conventions. A self-taught illustrator who specializes in cute, bright-coloured drawings and story-telling pieces in both traditional and digital mediums. When she is not drawing creatures or humans, she’ll be eating donuts or small snacks in her free time. She loves attending conventions, lurking in social media, eating, and playing games.

Cypri Art

Cypri (AKA Bonnie Tang) loves to play, paint, and draw video games. You can see her creations at EGLX! Also if you click the logo.


Sarsoura is a freelance digital artist based in Toronto. She is a self-taught illustrator with a special interest in fantasy creatures, pet portraits and fanart. Find some awesome gaming prints and charms at her artist alley table!

Herbert Kwan

Herbert claims to be “Just a small small digital illustrator trying to make it in this big big illustration industry.” We think he’s already there. Check out his table at EGLX!

Winter Storm Design
Winter Storm Design

Winter Storm Design does laser engraving and cutting for a competitive price, while also offering graphic design consultation.

Zim K Art

Zim K is a Canadian artist whose artwork focuses on gaming characters and fantastical creatures and locations. Personal Quote: Live life at ramming speed!

Kawaii Rocks

Kawaii Rocks is all about drawing game & anime fanart, making CSGO stickers, and perler bead art.

Underworld Shop & Design
Underworld Shop and Design

Dan Connell’s YouTube channel is full of tips and tricks for competitive YuGiOh, and he has his own T-shirts! What a guy! Come meet him at EGLX.

Aether & Bones

Aether & Bones is comprised of Toronto natives Kristi McConnell (Illustrator) and SJ Romm (Designer). Kristi attended OCAD University and works both in digital and traditional mediums, offering a variety of commissions on the spot during conventions. Together they specialize in comics, prints, and other unique items that celebrate gaming and nerd culture.  Make sure to stop by their booth!

Fantastic Face and Body Art
Fantastic Face & Body Art

Fantastic Face & Body Art is bringing their artwork to the EGLX Family Zone! They’re also available for birthdays, weddings, festival, sports events and more.