Talks & Panels


EGLX’s Maker stream is bringing together an exciting array of speakers from around the world to offer some insight into their work. What are the best and worst parts of their job? How did they land it in the first place? What would a professional game designer say to their teenage self?

Talk submissions are still ongoing! If you would like to speak at EGLX, please apply: Click Me!

Guest Speakers

Rami Ismail

Kim Gibson

Dan Cox

Diana Pham

Unai Cabezón

Taylor Bai-Woo

Auston Montville

Erik Walle

Lucas J.W. Johnson

J.A. Rueda

Andy Smith

Damian Sommer

Douglas Gregory

Cary Walkin

Felix Arifin

Sagan Yee

Daniel Steger

Bryn Davies

Jord Farrell

Andrew Hoculik

Dustin Freeman

Danny Webber

Jordan Nahmias

Panel Schedule April 20