Halo 5

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Teams: 4v4

Prize Pool: $10,000

Played on Xbox One

*Bring Your Own (Wired) Controller & Headset!*

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This tournament is BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller).

1st: $6,000 CDN (60%)
2nd: $3,000 CDN (30%)
3rd: $1,000 CDN (10%)

The tournament format will be Open Bracket into Round Robin into Championship Bracket (see further details below).




Players must provide their own Xbox One controller with USB controller cable. Batteries MUST be removed from the controllers. Custom controllers are subject to approval by tournament officials. Xbox One consoles and monitors will be provided at the tournament. Players and coaches must bring their own headsets and mixamps for the event. There will be no split-screen matches, and default Xbox Live profiles will be provided and loaded onto the consoles.

Teams will be randomly seeded into the bracket to where the final 16 teams will be seeded into pool play. The top 8 from the Winner’s bracket and the top 8 from the Loser’s bracket will be placed into Pool Play. The 8 teams from winners will be randomly shuffled for the 1-8 seeds; the 8 teams from losers will be randomly shuffled for the 9-16 seeds in pool play.

Pool play will consist of Best of 5 matches. The top 2 teams with the best record from series wins from the pool will be placed into a double elimination best of 5 championship bracket. In the event of a tie, the team who won the head-to-head match-up will advance. If there is a 3-way tie, the team with the most individual game victories will advance.

Pool play example:


Pool A Pool B
Open Winners
Open Winners
Open Losers
Open Losers
Open Winners
Open Winners
Open Losers
Open Losers


Pool C Pool D
Open Winners
Open Winners
Open Losers
Open Losers
Open Winners
Open Winners
Open Losers
Open Losers


Championship Bracket: Best of 5 Double Elimination Bracket. No matches will be a continuation from a previous meeting.

Game Settings: EGLX will use the official HCS maps and gametype settings. Complete information can be found in the HCS Handbook provided by ESL. Official maps and gametypes can be downloaded at any time by searching for the gamertag “Official HCS” within Halo 5.


Penalties and Disputes


Any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in the forfeit of a map, match, or disqualification from EGLX. Players must not use obscene gestures, language, or offensive comments during tournament activity.


These include:

• Profane words or phrases
• Hate speech
• Illegal activities
• Controversial religious topics
• Any “sound-alike” or “look-alike” words, phrases or gestures that reference these topics.
• Any other conduct deemed inappropriate at the discretion of tournament referees and officials



Event Rules


1. After a match has ended, players must remain on the Post Game Carnage Report stats screen until station referees have recorded match stats
2. All competitors on mainstage must use a headset. If a player does not have a headset, one will be provided.
3. Tampering with tournament structure or bracket will result in a player and team removal from the tournament
4. Players must play maps and gametypes in the order they are provided by the station referee
5. All loser’s bracket matches will be played as a new match and not as a continuation match.
6. The higher seeded team will play as, “Red Team” and will host the majority of matches in both a best-of-3 and best-of-5 series. Choosing host is done as follows:
• In a Best-of-3 series, the higher seeded team will choose the two games that they     wish to host.
• In a Best-of-5 series, the higher seeded team will choose 1 game they wish to     host. The lower seeded team will then choose 2 games they wish to host. The     higher seeded team will then host the two remaining games.
7. Only station referees and EGLX Officials can determine if a match should be ended prematurely and/ or restarted.
8. After check-in, a team’s roster, including their coach, is considered locked and no members can be replaced or play/coach another team at any point during the tournament.
9. If a player has a dispute, complaint or concern during a match, they must bring it to the station referee’s attention before the next game begins.
10. Use of obscene gestures, language or offensive comments toward other competitors, spectators or staff will result in a warning. After two warnings have been given, the team will have 1 “strike” remaining. After these 3 total infractions, the team will forfeit
11. Player and Coaches must remain on the team they registered with for the entire tournament and cannot become part of another team at any point.
12. Teams of 4.
13. The 1st place is winner of the Grand Finals. 2nd place is loser of the Grand Finals. 3rd place is loser of the Loser’s Finals.
14. The prize money will be awarded to the registered captain to distribute to his/her team.


In-Game Rules


Players are not allowed to go outside the normal boundaries of the map. Tournament Director will determine what qualifies as map boundaries and will make all final calls on map boundaries

In the event of equipment or game failure, the following rules will be used when restarting a game. Tournament director will make all final calls and decisions on match restart. Players should always continue playing unless told otherwise by a tournament official.

•    For Capture the Flag matches and Score Based Game Modes, the exact score will be taken from the time of the interruption. For example, if a team is leading a match 4-0 and there is a match interruption, the match will be replayed with an aggregate or “understood” score of 4-0, rather than a full 0-0 restart.
•    For Team Slayer matches, the exact score will be taken from the time of the interruption. For example, if a team is leading a match 35-30 and there is a match interruption, the match will be replayed with an aggregate or “under stood” score of 35-30, rather than a full 0-0 restart.
•    For Stronghold game mode, the match will be replayed with both team scores rounding down to the nearest 5 point increment. For example, if a team is leading 118-62 at the time of interruption, the match will be replayed with an aggregate or “understood” score of 115-60.

In all match replays, the match will be replayed with full time limit, with the aggregate score applied. If a match interruption happens before a team reaches five kills in a Team Slayer match, one capture in a CTF match, or 10 seconds of Hill time, the match replay rules will not be taken into effect, and the match will be restarted from 0-0.


Equipment Rules


1.    Players are required to ensure that their equipment works before a game begins, and restarting a match could result in a forfeit of that game.
2.    Players must not tamper, unplug or interfere with Xbox One consoles, monitors, seating or other equipment provided.
3.    Competitors are responsible for their own belonging during the tournament including controller, bags, clothing, etc.
4.     All custom controllers are subject to approval by tournament officials. Game-altering controllers are not permitted for use during the tournament.
5.     Controllers must be plugged in at all times, and may not contain batteries.

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  • Time Limit: 12 Minutes
  • Overtime Duration: 3 Minutes



  • Friendly Fire: On
  • Friendly Fire Damage: 100%


Round Settings

  • Round Limit: 1 Round
  • Rounds To Win: Disabled
  • Rounds Tied Limit: Unlimited
  • Lives Per Round: Unlimited


Starting Weapons

  • Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Magnum
  • Initial Frags Grenades: 2
  • Max Frag Grenades: 2
  • Initial Plasma Grenades: 0
  • Max Plasma Grenades: 2
  • Initial Splinter Grenades: 0
  • Max Splinter Grenades: 2



  • Placed Weapons: On
  • Placed Weapon Pads: On
  • Placed Vehicles: On
  • Indestructible Vehicles: Off
  • Placed Grenades: On
  • Placed Powerups: On



  • Time: 8 Seconds
  • Suicide Penalty Time: None
  • Betrayal Penalty Time: None
  • Suppress Follow Camera Control: Off



  • Shield Percentage: 100%
  • Shield Recharge Speed: 100%
  • Shield Recharge Wait Time: 100%
  • Shield HUD Visibility: On
  • Shield Effects: On
  • Shield Vampirism: 0%



  • Health Percentage: 100%
  • Health Recharge Speed: 100%
  • Health Recharge Wait Time: 100%
  • Health Vampirism: 0%


Damage Resistance

  • Damage Resistance: 100%
  • Damage Indicators: On
  • Deathless: Off


Motion Sensor

  • Motion Senor: On
  • Inner Range: 100%
  • Smart-Link Motion Sensor: Off



  • Melee Damage: 100%
  • Melee Knockback: 100%
  • Assassination Speed: 100%
  • Assassination Immunity: Off


Thruster Pack

  • Thruster Pack: On
  • Speed: 100%
  • Recharge Delay: 100%
  • Activation Cost: 100%



  • Damage: 100%
  • Grenade Knockback: 100%
  • Grenade Throw Speed: 100%
  • Explosion Radius: 100%


Spartan Charge

  • Spartan Charge: On
  • Damage: 100%
  • Knockback: 100%


Ground Pound

  • Ground Pound: On
  • Damage: 100%
  • Knockback: 100%
  • Auto Activate Time: 100%
  • Fall Speed: 100%



  • Sprint: On
  • Time to Max Sprint Speed: 100%
  • Max Sprint Speed: 100%
  • Reload While Sprinting: Off
  • Reset Shield Recharge: On
  • Stopping Power: On
  • Max Slide Distance: 100%
  • Slide Speed: 100%



  • Stabilizer: On
  • Duration: 100%
  • Anti-Gravity: 100%


Base Movement

  • Movement Speed: 100%
  • Forward Speed: 100%
  • Strafe Speed: 100%
  • Forward Acceleration: 100%
  • Strafe Acceleration: 100%



  • Jump Height: 100%
  • Clamber: On
  • Clamber Speed: 100%
  • Jump Gravity: 100%


Power Ups

  • Camo: Off



  • Score to Win: 50 Points
  • Teams: On
  • Score Per Kill: 1 Point
  • Score per Suicide: -1 Point
  • Score per Betrayal: -1 Point



  • Score to Win: 100 Points
  • Score Earned per Interval: 1 Point
  • Scoring Frequency: 3 Seconds
  • Scoring Threshold: 2 Bases
  • Time to Capture: 10 Seconds
  • Capture Rate with Multiple Players: Decreasing
  • Prevent Spawning in Strongholds: On


Capture the Flag

  • Score to Win: 3 Points
  • Instant Touch Return: Off
  • Flag Return Time: 30 Seconds
  • Return Speed Influence: On
  • Near Flag Return influence: 10x
  • Flag At Home Scoring: On
  • Flag Icon Behavior: When Spotted
  • Spotted Duration: 5 Seconds


Capture the Flag

  • Capture the Flag – Coliseum
  • Capture the Flag – Fathom
  • Capture the Flag – Truth



  • Strongholds – Eden
  • Strongholds – Empire
  • Strongholds – Plaza
  • Strongholds – The Rig


Team Slayer

  • Team Slayer – Coliseum
  • Team Slayer – Eden
  • Team Slayer – Plaza
  • Team Slayer – Regret
  • Team Slayer – The Rig
  • Team Slayer – Truth
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Streamed on twitch.tv/eglxhalo


Friday: 2:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am – 9:30pm

Sunday: 10:00am – 7:00pm


All tournament info: http://bit.do/eglx

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1st: Fatal Ambition (Stress, Blaze, Burton, Tizoxic)
2nd: Earthroot Gaming (Low Kazo, eh Gab, Krehsky, Darksky)
3rd: Vain ESports (Moniz, Expozur, Xploits, Blasta)
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Exciting Announcements

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