Who is EG?

Enthusiast Gaming Title

Enthusiast Gaming is a Toronto-based organization with the goal of bringing all of Canada’s gaming communities together through small events and large annual conferences/conventions. We work with local businesses, universities, entrepreneurs and gaming enthusiasts alike to host recreational and competitive tournaments.

In May, we hosted Enthusiast Gaming Live, Canada’s largest pure gaming expo ever – but Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo will be bigger and better in every way. With no financial backing and barely two months of preparation time, we managed to pull off a two-day event to universal acclaim. At roughly 1700 total attendees, it stands as the largest pure gaming event in Canada, ever. Now imagine what we can do with more time, more experience and a whole suite of major sponsors.


Also present online, EG is a collection of video game and multimedia editorial websites with active partners who bring in more than 30 million views per month from around the world. Enthusiast Gaming’s family of media websites focuses on quality, community & credibility.

Our staff travel across North America to attend tournaments and conventions; our writers work their keyboards down to dust to bring you the latest industry news and game reviews. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we want to take you along for the ride.