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Cosplay Contest Rules and Regulations
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Cosplay and gaming are closely intertwined. Ever since developers and artists started to create enchanting characters, we, the fans, have gone completely overboard turning those designs into reality. Cosplayers are completely dedicated to their craft, and the final result of their hard labour is always a sight to behold.

In addition to a step-and-repeat area for fancy photos, EGLX will feature a gaming-themed cosplay contest AND ten spot prizes given out throughout the weekend! More info below.

Cosplay Competition Judges

Meg Turney

Esteemed Guests

Mrs Violence
Zombie Bit Me
Dex Morgan
Cosplay Contest

EGLX will have a multi-tiered cosplay event! Sign up and participate in the Kids, Easy-mode, Normal, or Hard-mode. Our cosplay judges have presided over many different events in the past, including one who sat in the judge’s seat at World Cosplay.


Cash Prizes:

Hard: $300
Normal: $150
Easy: $50


Don’t feel like competing? We’re also giving away 10 mystery spot prizes to cosplayers throughout EGLX weekend. Just show up in costume and you’re already entered to win!

The Art of Cosplay

Not your typical cosplay repair center. Have masters of the art assist you. Take a break. Have a chat. Fix your broken wing. The Art of Cosplay puts the focus on your creations and helps you become a better builder.