10 VR Games at EGLX!

10 VR Games at EGLX!

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EGLX presents the VR Expo, a 2-hour demonstration with ten (10!) upcoming VR games!


We welcome you on Saturday, April 30, to a 2-hour VR demonstration with 10 groundbreaking studios working on virtual reality projects. Take one giant leap into the future of gaming with the best VR demos Ontario has to offer. And get in line early – it’s going to be packed.


  • Techno Lust: A futuristic cyber-punk adventure with story-driven gameplay. Save the world from its oppressors, or stay at home and watch (virtual) TV. The choice is yours.
  • Fists of Fire: Dodge, Shoot and Block attacks in this 3D game that uses your hands to generate powerful fireballs. Fists of Fire uses the Leap Motion (hand and finger VR controller) in combination with the Oculus Rift to create a physically immersive experience.
  • Mushroom Ball: In Mushroom Ball, you are the leader of your own Mushroom Kingdom (no relation). Roll around in a Jurassic World-style ball, eat mushrooms to survive, jump across platforms and collect as many mushroom points as you can!
  • Modbox: A sandbox physics VR game. Generate objects out of thin air, then make them interact with each other – the rest is up to you.
  • Secret Location: An Emmy Award-winning digital agency that uses VR to create compelling stories and experiences.


More Information: EGLX VR Zone

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